Students in Business and Health Fields Get ‘Workforce Ready’ Support

To amplify the impact of gifts made to California State University, Northridge, the CSUN Foundation has pledged to match eligible gifts through December 31 or until funds are exhausted. Below, we highlight the story of one donor whose gift was magnified by the Matador Match Challenge.

With the Matador Match Challenge, it’s possible to expand your gift.

New gifts for CSUN’s business and health programs will remove roadblocks to graduation and provide students with opportunities for training that reflects real-world working conditions.

Recognizing the Matador Match Challenge as an opportunity to double the impact of its longstanding support, the Richard B. Siegel Foundation, which accepts only invited funding requests, for the first time made a multi-year commitment to CSUN, with gifts for both the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics and the College of Health and Human Development.

“We looked at this as a great opportunity,” said Larry Wolfe ’70 (Business Administration), a director of the Richard B. Siegel Foundation. “We wanted to see our gifts magnified. We want to see the things that we support get additional support.”

The gift and matching funds to the Nazarian College will enable students to learn in high-tech classrooms that mimic the capacity for global meetings and presentations found in the corporate world. Funds for the radiologic sciences program will ease the financial burdens students face when participating in clinical internships, helping to cover expenses such as uniforms and immunization tracking. The gift also supports equipment and technology upgrades for students training in the Department of Nursing’s Simulation Lab and at the Center of Achievement Through Adapted Physical Activity, giving these students opportunities to learn skills for providing health care for community members.

“That’s our ultimate goal, to help students get the best experience, so that when they go out in the workforce, they’ll be better prepared,” Wolfe said.

About the Matador Match Challenge

To make an immediate impact for our students, colleges and other organizations on campus, the CSUN Foundation will match gifts made to a wide range of funds for a limited time in 2022. Learn more about the Matador Match Challenge.

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